Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am all about parents making conscious and informed decisions in all things parenting.  There are some things that are always black and white, and some things that are typically black and white but have exceptions.  I am an advocate for parents researching and coming to an informed decision.  If they know what they are talking about, I will usually support their decisions, regardless of how much I agree with it.  That brings me to co-sleeping.

I don't find it ridiculously unsafe, but I don't think it's right for every family either.  I don't judge parents who choose to sleep with their infants, or ones that choose to keep a crib in the same room, or a separate room - it doesn't matter to me.  My first two kids blissfully slept in the own room, and my youngest was in our bed for what seemed like 37 years.

You know how you used to think you were really fat, and now that you've had what feels like a dozen children, you look back at those pictures and think "wow, I wasn't fat at all!"  I used to gripe and complain about sharing a bed with a 15 pound infant (and she was 15 pounds for a really long time).  But now I look back at that time of my life and think "amazing."  Because this is how I sleep now.

Because my family is awake at this time (that's a whole nother blog post), I had to use blankets to denote bodies.
The Toy Story blanket on the right - that's where my 4-year-old sleeps.  He's huge for 4, weighing in at 65 pounds and wearing size 7 pants.
The blue and red blanket in the middle - that's where my husband lays.  He often lays on his side in order to take up less space.
The pink blanket all the way on the left - that's where the almost-3-year-old sleeps.
And that spot of sheet between the husband and the 2-year-old - that's where I'm supposed to sleep.  That would work if I was 12 perhaps, but I am old, and large in stature (isn't that a nice way to put it?).

Co-sleeping.  Not a fan at this juncture.

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