Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas (complete with apology)

Sorry, folks, I know it's been forever since I updated - I just haven't been in the mood for writing.  But I am back, at least for now, and to start off my New Regime, I wrote you a poem. =)

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Mom's patience was wanning
With a high-pitched Disney mouse.

The stocking were packed
In the closet with care
So no little children
Would know they were there.

The children were never
All snug in their beds
Because the idea of sleep
Never came into their heads.

With mommy wearing ear plugs
And daddy wanting a nap
It was already obvious
The kids would sleep like crap.

When out on the lawn
There was a terrible clatter
The dogs sprang from their spots
To see what was the matter.

Away to the window
Flew Po like a flash
With Carlisle on his tail
And Avalon last.

The porch light was on
And there sat the cat
The object of disdain
That made me long for a bat.

What with my half-open eyes
Did I see
But a stray terrier there
Looking at me.

He chased off the cat
And the dogs settled down
Mommy and daddy went back to bed
With a frown.

More rapid than vampires
The children, they came.
And used parents like trampolines
Until Mom called them by name:

Luke, Lauren, and Heidi
Get off of my head!!
Santa can't come until
You're all in your beds.

To your crib and your mattress
And your play pen so small
Now go away go away, go away all!

As antelopes that stampede
Before lions who growl
The children ran off
With a pitiful howl

And into their room
The three monsters they flew
To await Christmas day
And all the gifts, too.

And then in an instant
I heard through the door
The sound of three giggles
And stomps on the floor.

We let them have at it
Since they were out of our hair
They will never fall asleep
We thought with dispair.

Then what should we hear
When they were finally out of sight?
"Merry Christmas Sis and Heidi.
Good night."


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