Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mommy Has a Migraine, by Kes

Mommy has a Migraine, Baby.  Please go play alone.
Alone does not mean destructively - give me back my phone.

Do you really have to nurse right now? I think I might throw up.
No I will not put strawberry jelly into your sippy cup.

Come back inside and close the door - oh look, the dog is gone.
He'll come back eventually - no need for him anon.

Mommy has a migraine, my love, please use your inside voice.
Screaming in your sister's face is NOT a valid choice.

If I throw these chicken nuggets at you, will you please go away?
Sorry no gourmet meals - mommy feels like crap today.

Why yes mom does feel "really sick."  What will make her better?
For you to go to grandma's house - don't forget your sweater!

Mommy has a migraine today - mommy can barely walk.
Yes please run around me in circles and do nothing but talk talk talk!

You'll be safe unsupervised for 15 fifteen minutes, right?
I just need to tell the toilet all about my plight.

Mommy has a migraine today, and feels really super lousy.
I will resort to Benedryl in order to make you drowsy.

Oh look what you found - cheese, yogurt, milk, and a spoon.
You probably shouldn't eat all that or you'll be sick all afternoon.

Wait, sick? Sick in bed you say? Oh no, that'd be bad.
Here have some more sour cream, Love, I promise I won't be mad.

Oh dear what have I done? You're all three sick in bed!
However will I deal with the silence that's pounding through my head?

Mommy has a migraine, Monsters, and just about anything goes.
Go to sleep and leave me alone, do you know how much this blows?

You can't have boobs, you can't have crayons, and you can't have a drink.
Mommy has a migraine, children, and she can't even think.

Put down the paint, step away from the dog, and just go play in your room.
With any luck I can go ignore you and Daddy will be home soon.

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  1. I am going to send this to all the moms I know who get migraines... it is AWESOME! I love your way with words, Kes.